“Babies Are Murdered Here” ups the ante in the abortion debate

We know by now the standard M.O. of the pro-life movement in the battle against abortion. Protest. Pray the rosary. Hold fund-raisers. Prop up “pro-life” candidates. Pray the rosary again. Meet annually to march down city streets while praying the rosary. Fight for incremental decreases in abortion. Soft-pedal language. Pray the rosary once more for good measure.

Here we are, 41 years after abortion was legalized in this nation, and babies are still murdered here. It’s time to take out and use the nuclear bomb that has the power to decimate not only the abortion industry but the strongholds in place that have secured the widespread mass murder of pre-born babies on an average of 3,000 a day. It’s time to preach the law and the gospel. It’s time to rely upon the Scriptures and the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s time for “Babies Are Murdered Here.”

A new documentary from Crown Rights Media, “Babies Are Murdered Here” is filmmaking borne from a passion for the Gospel and a burden for the glory of Christ. Director Marcus Pittman presents his thesis early in the film: abortion is nothing less than the murder of children, and those who both perform the actual killing and those who secure the abortion are murderers in the eyes of God and ought to be approached as such in the eyes of Christians.

Through the course of the 50-minute film, we are edified by a no-holes-barred interview with RC Sproul, Jr. (who is personally involved in the battle against abortion), we are exposed to atrocious behavior by abortive parents, grandparents, and abortionists outside of the clinics, and we are encouraged by short bios from a few full-time evangelists who plead with men and women every day to turn away from killing their baby. The film’s teaching/preaching convinces us that this is a watershed issue of our day, and the examples presented encourage us to get personally involved and fight against the cultural mandate that claims abortion is not only allowable, but even morally (!) justified.

For those concerned that the film won’t appeal to a broad church audience because of over-militaristic attitude toward standing up for life and the gospel, they need not worry; Pittman and his co-producer Jon Speed (himself a Pastor of Christ is King Baptist Church in Syracuse, NY) never allow the film to take on an “us-vs-them” mentality that might encourage “lone-ranger Christians” to take part in abortion clinic ministry outside the authority of the local church. The film makes a clear argument that the evils of abortion can and will be destroyed if local churches stand unified against it.

Technical credits are quite impressive. Pittman frames his interview subjects in extreme close-ups, giving an “in your face” impression to the material. Abortion is violent. It is messy. It is unpleasant. This film understands that Christians who wish to take this evil head-on can expect to get their hands dirty as they stand as beacons of the light of Christ outside these places of immense spiritual darkness.

“Babies Are Murdered Here” stands a testament to the power of a controversial subject filmed in documentary form. There are statements made that will most likely blow the mind of the typical American evangelical raised up in nice, air-conditioned mega-churches and LifeWay Bible studies. Abortion is murder, which means there are millions of murderers out there who need to repent and be forgiven. Repentance is only granted by God and forgiveness is only found through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection. In other words, “Babies Are Murdered Here” has the gumption to argue that religious ritual, political maneuvering, and throwing money around won’t end abortion. It hasn’t in 41 years and it never will. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s implementation in a Great Commission context will eradicate this evil from our culture.

This film wants to alarm you. It wants to educate you. It wants to encourage you. Since “Babies Are Murdered Here” will be presented free on YouTube starting January 22, the only investment you would be making is 50 minutes of your time. It is well worth the investment.

NOTE: This film is safe for family viewing. It contains no graphic images/videos of abortion or its aftermath.

Check out the ENTIRE FILM below.